About RackBank Datacenters

Who We are?

We are a premium carbon-neutral Data Center – Central India’s first data center mainly providing data center services including but not limited to dedicated servers, managed servers, colocation services. Founded in 2013 by Narendra Sen, we are a fast-growing startup with a clear cut vision of making India self-sufficient in data storage and hosting.

Headquartered in Indore and Mumbai, our datacenter spreads out in a vast expanse of 1 Lakh sq. ft. with a capacity of 800+ racks and still growing.

We believe in creative data storage by offering bankable data hosting solutions through enterprise-class technologies in a carrier-neutral environment. We have an IT infrastructure expertise that can be customized for big enterprises as efficiently as for startups.

Official Name
RBDC SEZ 1 and 2
Physical Location
Indore, MP and Mumbai, MH
Max Server Capacity

We have a vision

Our vision is to create a powerful Internet Infrastructure in a healthy IT ecosystem supported by a strong data center cluster which is startup-savvy thus lending a strong backbone to any business.

We wish to make Indian IT industry independent and strong with regards to data, storage and cloud. We see India becoming a country where Internet would reach every nook and corner and information would truly become a power.

For this we offer partner programs to domain hosting companies, SaaS product based companies, IT outsourcing companies and the likes. That’s because we wish to build a healthy data hosting community.

Our Technical Partners

Datacenter Infrastructure

  • Tier III Rating Datacenter
  • Dual Grid Connectivity
  • 45 kvA Dual Path Power
  • UPS availability
  • 1500x5 kvA Genrators availability
  • 3000 ltr. Diesel Tank capacity
  • 1 ton/ sq. m. Floor load capacity

Power Infrastructure

  • 5MW Power availability
  • N+1 Facility Support
  • Multiple Power providers
  • Multiple Power path availability
  • 45kvA Power Density
  • 8kw to 10kw Rack Density
  • 7500kvA DG Backup
  • Power Vendors MP Govt., Ujaas Energy

Network Infrastructure

  • Carrier Neutral Datacenter
  • Multiple Network providers
  • Multiple Network path availability
  • 24x7 Cable manager availability
  • 24x7 Maintenance team availability
  • Telecom Vendors - Airtel, Jio, TATA, VI

Datacenter Security

  • Burglary System available
  • 8 Layerered Security
  • Perimeter security
  • Mantraps
  • CCTV System
  • Retina scanners
  • Finger Print Scanner

Carrier Neutral

We ensure that our datacenter will stay online with 99.98% uptime.

Colocation Benefits at RackBank


99.98% guaranteed uptime carrier neutral network.


7 MW power capacity with 1500x5 kVA diesel generators backup.

Low Latency

Strategic central India location for low latency.

With RackBank Data Center you have SEZ Advantages

Intelligent Green Building

Building management system including CCTV, PA system etc.

Uninterrupted Power Availability

6.2 MVA for with 100% DG Backup.

Duty free import

Domestic goods procurement for development, operation and maintenance.

Taxation benefits

Exemption from taxes. Other Governmental benefits.


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