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Offline Backup As a Service

Introducing RackBank Lockers® - RackBank focus on data security as well as data back up. OBAAS will be additional product and services which will be given to the client for additional security of data. As the name defines itself that it will be offline back up so for this there will be a locker room in “Datacenter” which will have it’s own T&C.

Benefit with RackBank® Backup Services
  • On-Demand Automated Backup
  • User Friendly Cloud Backup Solutions
  • Zero Data Loss Technology
  • Enterprise Level Managements
  • Deploy over 10000+ Cloud Backups
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support

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Situation Analysis

RackBank is providing a new solution to its existing client and examining the feasibility and capability with secure environment. It’s a backup to come over with a solution of circumstances where a client can loose their data due to natural disaster or attacks. OBAAS will help them to get their precious data even after these disasters.

Did you Know!

70% Of companies go out of business within a year of a large data loss incident.

Our Objective

  • To reduce the pain of customer.
  • To provide them 100% security system.
  • To reduce the attacks and threat to lose the data.
  • To become the security leader and their first choice when it comes to dedicated server.
  • To retain the customer & to get the lost client back.

Why should I choose obaas?

  • Online backup is depended on several factors and operation cost such as internet speed. no. of files you need to backup and size of the file.
  • The offline backup will reduce the concern of waiting for too long to get the backup at once and also it's a good idea to avoid any data loss.
  • If you have good speed of internet but have larger files it may take your time in backing up but with OBAAS you can get your data anywhere anytime.
  • Another downside to online backup, at least during the initial backup phase, is that while you're uploading data and using up most (or even all) of your upload bandwidth, everything else you want to use the internet for will suffer.


  • We’ll provide you the 1 TB HDD for storing data.
  • HDD is moveable hence if the customer require we can ship it accordingly.
  • The locker room will be located inside the Datacenter with physical & network security which is fully secure from disaster and other threats as well.
  • Locker room will be in SEZ area which is fully secured from disaster and other threats.
  • For security of HDD and data there will be managed T&C.
  • 24*7*365 days of CCTV monitoring will be provided to the lockers.

Security Of Lockers

  • Physical security of fire resistance cabinets will be available.
  • Unauthorised access will not be allowed to operate anything in the lockers.
  • Privacy and security of lockers will be maintained accordingly.
  • All repair or maintenance of lockers will be done by datacenter.
  • CCTV monitoring can be also accesed by authorised client party.
  • As the locker room will be available in SEZ area there are no chances of getting data leaked by any theft.

How Offline Backup Works?

Locker will be accessible only to the authorised person with complete KYC and consent letter from the company.

If the user wants to transfer the rights of accessibility then they need to get the consent from company, authorised person and from the account manager in data center.

There will be no liability of datacenter after removing the HDD from lockers.

To transfer the HDD a document should be signed by the locker hirer and from the company head.

To book a locker client need to give a application to book the locker.

Datacenter can cancel the locker if we found any suspicious activity going on.

Client can ask for SLA as document to maintain their privacy and other security channels

Locker can be accessed only by the account manager with the written consent of the client.

Client will be containing a password through which locker can be accessed.

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