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Revolutionize user experience. convert your visitors.

You are our challenge. We provide seamless operations of your servers for both your eCommerce website as well as applications to ensure your consumers get world-class shopping experience.

You may be a seasoned retail store or a startup, user experience is the difference between your winning and losing. Your users may shop on a kiosk or website or in store. Let them compare products, view pictures, purchase or track delivery. RackBank has complete tailor-made eCommerce server solutions enabling your system up and running all the time.


Global eCommerce sales are expected to scale upto $6.5 trillion in 2023.

Join the bandwagon!

Get the most of your eCommerce store at the front, while we take care of the backend

Smooth sailing

Give your users seamless shopping experience by reducing latency and increasing bandwidth. RackBank dedicated servers are designed to handle heavy eCommerce or retail traffic through the smoothest possible network connection. When it comes to converting this traffic, reliability and uptime are crucial. RackBank has the know-how of handling booming data traffic.

Store-focused data center

RackBank provides an integrated data center from the ground up for seasoned players who wish to be the next big retail mart. Go ahead and expand. Or double your advertising budget to draw more traffic. Our data center has high-speed storage, processing, and interconnects for processing volumes of transactions and delivering consumer content on demand.

Security to keep you ahead

Unless you improve your transaction performance, you cannot stay ahead of the competition. Increase site security, save it from cyber attacks. Trust our dedicated servers with high-level security or our data center solutions with military-grade protection.

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