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RackBank Managed Support

With our Managed Support and Remote Infrastructure Services in India, our objective is to help you focus on your core business more and leave its operations and managing part to us.

From our on-demand system administration to fully managed services, we help you achieve a higher level of efficiency, security and accessibility and also help in cutting down your expenses. We do this through a combination of client-centric solutions, centralized delivery, our tireless support system and automation tailored to your hosting needs.

Managed On Demand

  • 24/7/365 On Demand Support
  • 4 Hours Resolution Time for Hardware Replacement *
  • 2 Hours Resolution Time for Accessibility Issue (Getting to the SSH prompt) *
  • 8 Hours First Response for Software Issues Support Tickets
  • Up to 2 Hours of Software Management Assistance **
  • Software Installation or Configuration. ***
  • Assistance in Migrating Services from one Server to Another.

Managed On Demand

Rapid Response
  • Notification of an Alert or Failure in Less than 15 Minutes
  • Proactive Monitoring of Critical services (NOC), Notification & Response
  • Critical Services or Hardware Usage Triggers Monitoring
  • Rapid Response by NOC team for service restart or server reboot
Ping Monitoring
  • Included with all servers
  • Email notifications only
  • 24/7/365 support

Cost-Effective Servers for Your Business Applications

Dedicated servers for those who need performance and stability in a budget-friendly package.


Top Features

RackBank’s managed server hosting has built the fit-for-purpose solution for your business.
We are happy to contribute in the best interests of your business however we can from our end.

Multi-technology, multi-vendor

Our managed dedicated servers come with a feature tag – they are multi-vendor, multi-technology. This makes managed hosting fit for all kinds of demands – from storage and computing to networking and applications solutions.

Our tireless support, your backbone

There will be real human beings, not a recorded voice, over phone, email and every possible form of communication connected with you 24 hours of all seven days of all 365 days. There is no limit to the number of tickets; we are always there without extra charge.

Timely configuration

RackBank managed dedicated server will always come with the ‘First day configuration help’ from the hour one. Our staff will ensure that your managed hosting solution is initially configured strictly as per your requirements.

Key Features

  • High-availability eCommerce hosting
  • Website security and backup
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Data consistency and security
  • Specialist support and resources
  • Streaming, SaaS and enterprise solutions

The RackBank Managed Server Advantage

What do managed servers mean to you?
For us, managed dedicated server means that our Server Technicians are ready
to help you compete faster and offer their backs – round the clock.

Managed Web and Application hosting

RackBank staff would optimize your hosting environment by managing your infrastructure needs.

Managed load balancing

RackBank load balancers are built to ensure that your IT infrastructure remains robust. We manage, we plan, we supervise.

Managed Backups

RackBank values the criticality of data backup. While we have full technical and physical capabilities for the backup process, our technicians will manage your offsite and local data backups. Now your squad can get busy in getting you more business while ours backs them up.

Managed firewalls

RackBank’s expert technicians have been trained to manage firewalls tactfully. They will ensure there is no unauthorized access to your infrastructure apart from updating configurations as per your specifications.

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