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Why Choose RackBank?

Digital innovation would remain a dream without the right digital infrastructure. So we’re putting in our best efforts to make IT infrastructure of high quality with high affordability.

We are the pioneers of India’s first-of-its-kind DataCenter Park, a Digital India project in which is being built in association with MP State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (MPSEDC), Government Enterprise of Madhya Pradesh State Govt, and is expected to be ready by 2017.

Official Name
RBDC SEZ 1 and 2
Physical Location
Indore, MP and Mumbai, MH
Max Server Capacity

How RackBank Edge can Revolutionize Your End-user Experience

Supporting You ‘n’ Your Business at Every Stage

There isn’t a single platform where our technical experts cannot lend you support and services! Our Support Squad provides 24*7 Free Hard-core Support throughout customer lifecycle viz. from sales to billing to ticket support on Live Chat, email ticketing system, Phone, Skype.

Boost Your Profits with ROI-driven Solutions ‘n’ Govt Collaboration

As Indore is amongst India’s lowest power cost regions, power cost here is much lower than other major metro cities. Also, being located in Special Economic Zone (SEZ), we have benefit of Duty-free import, several tax exemptions and subsidy on power, lease and land And thus we happen to be India’s most affordable data center guaranteeing reduction in your CapEx & OpEx.

Leaving Greener footprints for Greener Today ‘n’ Tomorrow

We have taken a host of green initiatives to make our datacenter carbon-neutral. Our in-house Carbon Neutrality Wing plants trees on each client onboarding. Also, we’re using 30 MW solar energy and natural cooling measures for our power needs. This helps us deliver PUE of less than 1.5.

Carbon Neutrality Initiative
1 client on-boarding = 1 tree planted

Housing Your Data in Location that’s Safe, Smart ‘n’ Strategic

To keep your data safe and your business running at all times, our Central India location lies at the heart of our datacenter strategy.

  • With our Central India presence in emerging Smart City Indore, we’re able to offer Low-latency pan India.
  • Disaster-safe Region: Being in Zone-II (least active seismic zone) and away from coastline, Indore is among safest regions of India for not being prone to any disaster such as floods or earthquakes or volcanoes preventing your mission-critical data from natural hazards.
  • Favorable climatic conditions: With mild temperature conditions, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint as it lowers data center energy consumption. Plus, sound air quality is present due to low sources of airborne pollution.
    Average annual temperature = 25 degrees celsius
  • Easy Site access: Indore, as the place, is well connected with the major railway stations and airports of other important cities in India. This helps to improve logistics and eases shipping supplies.
    Airport: 27 minutes, Railway Junction: 17 minutes
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