About RackBank

#1 Data Center in Central India

Who We are?

We are a premium carbon-neutral Data Center – Central India’s first data center mainly providing data center services including but not limited to dedicated servers, managed servers, colocation services. Founded in 2013 by Narendra Sen, we are a fast-growing startup with a clear-cut vision of making India self-sufficient in data storage and hosting.

Headquartered in Indore, our data center spreads out in a vast expanse of 35000 sq. ft. with a capacity of 800+ racks and still growing.

RackBank Datacenter Headquarter


Sq. Ft. DC Space



Current Power Capacity



Power and Rates Economical



Located Calamity Proof

Our Datacenter Specifications

RackBank Datacenter Inftrastructure

Datacenter Infrastructure

Power Infrastructure

RackBank Datacenter Network
RackBank Datacenter Network

Network Infrastructure

Datacenter Security

RackBank Datacenters Security

Our Technical Partners

RackBank Partner

Carrier Neutral

We ensure that our data center will stay online with 99.98% uptime.

Why RackBank is right for you?

Intelligent Green Building

Building management system including CCTV, PA system etc.

Uninterrupted Power Availability

6.2 MVA for with 100% DG Backup.

Duty free import

Domestic goods procurement for development, operation, and maintenance.

Taxation benefits

Exemption from taxes. Other Governmental benefits.


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